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Starting a blog is now easier than ever. You can pretty much start blogging instantly using a number of options we will look at in this article on how to start a blog. The first question you should answer is: What are you going to blog about? Choose a subject Is your blog going to
URL is a popular term not just among Web Developers but also every day web users. But what is a URL? It’s an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. Put simply, it is the website address or file address you see in your browser. The URL for this page is: So let’s break this URL
What is WordPress? Before we get into how and where it is used, lets start by answering the question – What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source (free) content management system. It allows you to build a website pretty easily and is extremely popular. This is backed up with impressive stats: Around 35% of
What is a slug in SEO? A slug, in terms of SEO, is the part of a URL (a web page address) that gives a webpage it’s unique name. It tends to be a word or words that are easy to read and explains what that page is about. So for this very page you
As a business owner, keeping up with your competitors is a tough task. Thankfully there are lots of amazing tools out there to lend a helping hand. Even better, some of the best ones are free! Whether you are a web developer, graphic designer, content marketer or basically anyone with a website, Google provides a
Here at WP Cake, we like to keep you all up to date regarding the best free responsive WordPress themes and plugins. This website is full of advice on the subject. In this article we are listing them all. The very best free WordPress themes you can download right now. The rise in popularity of
The Gutenberg editor is going to change the way we use WordPress very soon. It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of a printing press from more than 500 years ago. In this WordPress Gutenberg Guide we will give you an overview of the editor and some pros and cons to using it. What
If you are running a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop, you already know how tough and competitive the marketplace is. Therefore, to catch your potential customers eyes, you need to have a gorgeous website. An online presence that shows off the food and the dining experience people will enjoy when they come to your establishment.
With the vast amount of WordPress themes available, both free and Premium, your website can be a visual masterpiece. Looking good is not enough however if you want a website that is fast, robust, engaging, secure and useful. To provide all of these things, that need to be part of any website, you are going